The REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative

National Association of REALTORS announce a new initiative – The REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative

I am not a political person, in fact I have never ever except for this year allowed a town or any political sign to be put up in my yard. I don’t talk politics, I don’t put bumper stickers on my car and I don’t like taking part in the annual Hill Visits that my association does every May while at the REALTOR conference in DC. I really don’t like politics at all but every year I give to RPAC, The REALTOR PAC,  usually 99.00 dollars and have done so for a long time.  I believe in doing my part and realize that the money goes to protecting the interests of home ownership.

The REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative

This past week NAR announced it’s REALTOR Political Survival Initiative. The initiative proposes a dedicated dues increase of $40 per member and for us that means $80 since Jay is also a REALTOR.  I’m concerned about the amount of increase especially in what is still a weak real estate economy and many agents are still struggling.  I know $40.00 is small money to have a say at a very big table and as a NAR voting director for NH I will be voting on this in May, so it is important that I hear your voice!

NH REALTORS I want to hear your voice

I would love to have your opinion…to hear your voice on this very important issue.   Please read the article below which was taken from the NAR website and also these 3 excellent posts about the subject.

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Edit to add video message from NAR President Ron Phipps

Edited to add… Jay Thompson has some great article links and suggestions for NAR in this post…

Please be sure to leave me a comment and let me know your feelings about this issue.  As a voting director I want to hear your voice.

Below is NAR’s Position… Please be sure to read it


Why did NAR create the REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative?

  • In January of 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission.
    • The ruling states that corporate dollars—so-called soft dollars—can be used to fund independent expenditure campaigns.
  • This not only changes the way elections are financed at the national level, but it also overturns restrictions that allowed only hard dollars—those funds contributed for political purposes by individuals, rather than corporations—to be used in 23 states.
    • This means political fund raising as we have known it for the past 100 years just shifted dramatically.
    • Corporate funds/dues can now be used to shape opinions about candidates in ALL 50 states.
  • It is a game changer of gigantic proportions.
    • It is as if the goal posts on a 100 yard football field were expanded to now cover 140 yards.
  • In order for “The Voice for Real Estate” to have the impact it has had for the past 100 years in terms of political advocacy, the REALTOR® organization is stepping up its game.
    • No one has spoken with more power or as passionately about protecting private property rights and fighting for opening the door to the American Dream of Home Ownership than the REALTOR® Family.
  • To maintain and grow our political power in this new landscape, NAR launched the REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative.
    • The REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative did not just happen overnight.
    • It was the result of nearly a year of careful study and consideration.

What does the REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative mean for members?

  • The proposal is for a dedicated dues increase of $40.00.
    • The increase would take effect in the 2012 budget year.
    • Because it is “dedicated” to this initiative, it would be used exclusively to fund political advocacy efforts.
  • In the past, NAR has already contributed funds to this initiative out of its operating budget.
    • But to undertake the initiative at this level and give it a best chance for success, greater additional funding is needed.
    • The increased dollars will be dedicated solely to advocacy purposes as outlined by the Political Survival Initiative.
    • If this dues increase is approved, over 50% of NAR budget would be devoted to political advocacy, which consistently ranks among members as the #1 benefit they receive from NAR.

What are the benefits of the Political Survival Initiative?

  • The most powerful benefit is it will keep the REALTOR® organization as one of the most influential advocacy groups in America.
    • There are monumental issues coming down the pike that will affect members in their daily businesses, such as the future of mortgage finance and keeping housing affordable in America.
    • We must have the power to shape this pivotal moment for the American Dream of Home Ownership.
  • Most importantly, these dollars will be available to state associations and local boards.
    • 2/3rds of the dollars raised will be returned back to states to be used in support of local candidates and issue campaigns, and for other political advocacy needs—to help shape the opinions of candidates on real estate-related issues as they work their way up as elected leaders.
    • It will combine NAR funds with state/local funds to increase our political power
    • It will create early relationships with state and local lawmakers/policymakers
    • It will shape the political make-up of state or local governing bodies.
  • NAR President Ron Phipps often comments that “now is our time.”
    • With this initiative, REALTORS® are seizing the moment for home ownership.
    • We are doing this NOT ONLY because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, but because our core competency is our grass roots advocacy; it’s where we need to be investing today so our future advocacy efforts will be successful tomorrow.
    • We need to be grooming our “REALTOR® Champions” at the state / local levels now, before some of them progress to become elected leaders at the federal level.
  • The political press in Washington has already noted the emerging clout of the REALTOR® Party.
    • A recent article in Politico said: “REALTORS®… are going to want to be politically effective, and a large measure of their influence is that they are present everywhere.”
  • Now is our time to seize the day.



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  3. Thanks Erick for your comment! I agree that it does seem more of a trade union and over my 26 years as a REALTOR I sure have gained a lot from my membership. This issue is a hot one and the BOD meeting in May will be very interesting. I have no clue how this will end!

    Jay Thompson has some great article links and suggestions for NAR in this post…

  4. NAR says it’s an association, but it’s more like a trade union for Realtors.

    If you want to be a Realtor, with access to MLS, you MUST join NAR and your local boards of Realtors.

    Adding $40 to our dues for lobbying on Capital Hill will help promote legislation that benefits us, and will also give legislators reasons why a bill should be voted down.

    Erick Blackwelder, Exit 1st Choice Realty in the norther Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC

  5. I hope not because as a voting director I have not made a decision. I have concerns about it hurting local efforts as well. Many member e-mails have said as much. They won’t give to RPAC or IMF if this goes through. So you might be right Matt.

  6. The $40 initiative will only harm the Local Association’s efforts to collect local RPAC funds.

    This strikes me as one of those “We’ve made our decision, but we want to hear from you” posts.

  7. This comment came from Linda Hutton, a Concord NH REALTOR, who asked me to post it for her.

    What a difficult question. I also consider myself apolitical, and would prefer that all political campaign contributions limits be set at $500,000 at the State level and a million dollars at the National level, with no exceptions. I would also like a law passed that no politician can comment on any other politician, no mud slinging: they can only present themselves, their ideas, platforms, etc. In other words, tell us what they can/will do, not have campaigns that are based on criticizing their opponent.

    Having said that, and in light of the pending ruling, I do think we do need to be ready if it does pass. An increase in dues is acceptable if it passes. I sincerely hope it does not, but anticipate that it will. I do believe that half the recommended increase, at least initially, would be more appropriate. There is another thought, in that, increased dues might “weed out” the frivolous agents; this term having many definitions. However, I don’t think that is the goal of NAR, but certainly needs to be factored into any projected revenues (from the dues increase)As I am sure you know, one of the arguments made to our Governor when deliberating the addition of the Real Estate Transfer tax to refinances, was that their anticipated revenues were inflated, since the addition cost to the Borrower might, in fact, keep them from being approved for the refinancing. After all, the reason they were refinancing was because they were having difficulty meeting their current mortgage payment. So, if I were you, I would look carefully at the projected revenues.

    I think we need to wait to see the outcome of the bill in question, before we vote…then, possibly, be a bit more conservative about the dues increase, if that becomes necessary. In this economy, I would not favor the increase if the proposed contribution changes fail.

    Best wishes to all your endeavors,


    Linda Hutton, Broker, ASP, CRS, CBR,NHS
    Staging Professional
    Prudential Verani Realty
    #1 in Greater Concord 2009 & 2010
    Recipient of 2009 Presidents Award, CBR
    Linda has sold more houses in Bow, NH
    than anyone.

  8. Very true Rich but as a director I want to hear what the membership wants… I only have one vote but I will vote for the members.

  9. Then again the membership has no vote in this! It’s only the directors.

  10. Jim, the NH RPAC committee currently has about $173,000 in its checking account. If we gave the maximum allowable by law to every state Senator, no matter how they vote on real estate issues, 4 candidates for congress, and every REALTOR member of the NH house, we would still have money left over. This is nothing more then a $ arms race to see who can collect the most. The problem in politics is not that there is not enough money. The problem is there is too much! This will fundamentally change the meaning of what a REALTOR is. I have no interest in being a part of what will become nothing more then a K Street lobbying firm. This will not “buy us a seat at the table”, but rather it will end the relationship of the individual agent with what was once one of the brightest lights in real estate education and ethics. Under this proposal $153,120 (5800 members X $40 X 2/3) is supposed to come back to the state. According to the NAR talking points it is separate from RPAC. So who controls it? Who determines what it is spent for in our state? Who vets the candidates and issues? So now we will be faced with over $300,000 looking for a place to be spent! A recipe for abuse, mismanagement, and disaster in my opinion. RPAC donations will fall off a cliff.

    Currently the NAR dues break down is as follows, $30 to legislative/regulatory advocacy, $15 to consumer and member relationship building, $10 to state and local association services and support, $6 to economic and tech research, $6 to publications, $5 to commercial/international alliances, $4 to Code of Ethics/legal policy and enforcement, $4 to customer service and product suite, totaling $80. As you can see legislative/regulatory advocacy (or lobbying) is twice as much as any other item. Under this new proposal everything but legislative/regulatory advocacy says the same and it goes up to $70 (30 + 40). A 133% increase! And ethics training stays the same? We sit and proclaim how important ethics are. It seems that’s all the entire image campaign talks about, but we fund it the least!

    The banks, insurance companies, and lawyers will ALWAYS have more money then us. But what we have are individuals in every community ready to talk to their representatives. When we beat the banks on their getting into real estate they outspent us 3 to 1 and they had the chairman of the banking committee in their hip pocket. Through a lot of hard work by our members we beat them because we were able to get thousands individual REALTORS to tell their reps how important this was. Let’s play to our strengths and not our weaknesses. As the former NH RPAC chair and a former NH RPAC trustee I think this is very worst thing we can do. It is not in accord with the REALTORS pledge or our mission statement. I will do everything I can to see this is rejected by the membership.
    Richard Whitney
    Mariner Realty
    Durham NH

  11. Ted Bateman says:

    As REALTORS® we need to have a strong voice at the local, state and national political forms so as not only to protect the American Dream of Home Ownership but to protect those of us whom started out in this business with nothing and have work hard to build a successful business which is overburdened with regulations.

    NAR should consider significantly reducing or totally eliminating the REALTOR® advertising program. Many practitioners as well as members of the public feel the program has outlasted it usefulness. NAR should be more concern with raising the level of professionalism so as to ensure we have a future in this great industry.

  12. Diana,
    The 40 bucks is not a donation or contribution to a PAC; it’s a dues increase. The 40 dollars will be to used exclusively to fund political advocacy efforts, not just candidates. 2/3rds of the money from each state comes back to that state for local issues and candidates.

    If you donate to RPAC right now and in the past you gave your “independent right to choose who and if we support a political candidate or view” over to your RPAC Trustees.

    And there are more than a thousand NAR directors from every state; the number, like the US House of Representatives, is based on state Realtor population.

    Here’s a link to (Realtors only, you have to sign in) that explains the initiative in great detail. Read some or all of it before you make up your mind which side of this issue you’re on.

  13. Joan Mirantz says:

    Joan Kieley Mirantz March 24 at 9:46am
    Hi Moni,
    I assume you know I retired his year? But being a politically active person privately and when I was a Realtor….I do have an opinion!

    I find this very disturbing. This is forcing Members to contribute to something that they may not agree with!
    When I was in PP I often found it difficult to support some of the choices NHAR made. But at least I was given the choice of my political contribution!
    From being involved I was made aware that Realtor political involvement was pretty exclusive to those in “positions” The rank and file are simply worried about putting food on the table
    Calling it “Survival” is a scare tactic and I am a believer that we need to get the money OUT of politics…not add to the problem. IMO It’s a slippery slope.
    As far as contributing to Sate efforts…I don’t recall access to Representatives ever being dependent on $$$ It has been dependent on relationships.
    IMO a better use for dedicated increase in dues…would be group Health Care.
    Not palm greasing!!

  14. Diana Hoyt says:

    I love being a REALTOR, I have been one since 1989. I have not just sat back on the sidelines, I have been active at the State and local levels and I whole heartedly support RPAC and all it does for us. However, as I said yesterday, I am not overly political myself and am often frustrated and baffled by it all, but my choice in donating to RPAC (and I do every year on some level – whatever my pocktbook will allow) needs to remain my choice. Educate us more on what RPAC does for us, encourage us to donate – encourage us to donate MORE, but do not force us. This business is NOT going to go down the tubes if we don’t all donate because human beings must have shelter and we will always seek it in some form or another and which by virtue of, will continue to have a need for us.

    Jim, you said “Fortunately, in our REALTOR organization, the people in charge are us” If NAR “mandates” this “donation” then, WE are not in charge. Yes, I know that “we” make up NAR, but if it is decided a few directors, we as individual members lose our independent right to choose who and if we support a political candidate or view.

    I don’t know how it can even be legal to force a donation to a PAC. If this passes and we choose not to “DONATE” will we be stripped of our membership???

  15. The mandatory issue is what I am hearing the most objections to.

    Yes the $40.00 dollars on top of what ever the total state-national and local dues are bothers a lot of folks but I think most could deal with it but being forced to do it is not sitting well.

    I’m with Mike and Randy about it being mandatory and as voting director I’m not feeling that this is a slam dunk in any way at all.

    I appreciate all the comments and opinions expressed please keep them coming as this is a important issue and as a NAR director I want to hear them.

  16. Mike to Jim: “You’re just not getting the points that people are trying to make as your points are exactly what we are against.”

    You couldn’t have stated it better, Mike. The key issue here is the mandatory tone and intention of NAR to force all Realtors to support whatever candidate(s) our national and/or state associations decide in their infinite wisdom to support politically. Please excuse my cynicism, but in spite of some very good things NAR (and in my case AAR) has accomplished, I am NOT in support of forced financing of a new PAC. And the way this thing is being presented (or NOT presented) to the entire membership I find highly offensive and underhanded.

  17. Thanks for following up Jim. I also got to see a few of your tweets. I’m glad you are “feeling pretty good about it” ’cause as good as you are feeling this will pass I am feeling just as good that I will not donate ever again. You’re just not getting the points that people are trying to make as your points are exactly what we are against. I also liked your tweet that “there will be some unhappiness for a short time but they’ll get over it.” You’re also using terms like knee jerk reactions and snap judgments about peoples reactions. The folks I’m talking to who are against this are some of the smartest and most involved agents and brokers I know. These are people who are on committees at NAR along with state and local involvement. This isn’t an anti-RPAC statement. It is a if you are going to require that I pay dues because otherwise I can’t perform my job than you better make donations to a PAC optional.

  18. Mike, I’m glad to hear you’ve been an RPAC donor in the past and I hope you will consider supporting it again in the future (this year would be good too.) 😉

    Personally I have often not been in 100% agreement with every candidate and issue we have supported in the past and probably never will.

    However, sometimes you have to let personal preferences go and support the greater good.

    You also have to have some people in charge and empower them to make those decisions.

    Fortunately in our Realtor organization the people in charge are us. Every leadership position and committee slot in local, state, and national Realtor boards and associations are us. You, me, Monika, Jay, and every other Realtor in the country are NAR.

    Our NH RPAC trustees interviewed 50 candidates for the state senate last year and chose to support 19 of them. 18 or our candidates won. I believe you realize as well as I that having 18 new, Realtor and real estate friendly senators in office up in Concord is huge for our industry.

    I hope you will do some serious research into why this $40.00 dues increase is necessary.

    I would respectfully just ask everyone to please take some time to educate yourself on this issue and get all the facts before making any snap judgements.

  19. At this point, NAR needs to understand that if they need more money to survive politically, they must step up their game, with broader levels of information to membership as to the benefits of donations to RPAC. Too many members are not clued in to what benefit is in it for them this with regard to donations. They just don’t know what they don’t know.

  20. In regards to Jim’s comments from NH. The fact that you donate to RPAC in such a grand way and obviously feel so strongly about it is great. That is your choice. Your post is exactly what you should be doing…educating folks about RPAC, displaying its value in your opinion and inviting them to participate.

    What you are not doing is telling them that they MUST contribute and have no choice in the matter. Big difference.

    I was a major donor last year. Sterling “R”. After the 2010 elections and the decisions that were made locally for me and nationally I could not support it anymore. I am not a one issue individual. I was raised to be very involved in politics and who my money goes to is sacred to me along with my vote. Research goes into anything I do…drives my wife crazy. I don’t make a decision until I feel strongly it is the right one.

    One of the biggest arguments I hear against unions is that they strongly “recommend” to their members who they should vote for and the members have very little say in where the money goes when picking a candidate. What is different here?

    Real estate is my career that I have chosen. When an issue arises that threatens it I will give it my all to make sure I’m heard. However, I can’t watch my money go to a candidate who may be pro MID but anti something that affects me or my family. I just can’t.

    RPAC is a great avenue for people like you who feel strongly that this is the right thing to do. It is optional and that is what makes it great. Keep educating people on why you donate and why you feel they should. Just don’t force them and that is what this is.

    Educated former RPAC Major Donor (who is always willing to listen and potentially donate again in the future)

  21. Thank you … Great comments from everyone. To be fair I have gotten about 20 direct messages and e-mails from NH REALTORS all against any rate increase what so ever.
    Some going so far to say that they will not give to RPAC or IMF if this initiative goes through.

    I am not politically inclined but as Mike Long pointed out in his comment above I am involved and have been for as long as I can remember.

    Jim Lee is 100% correct when he talks about what NAR and NHAR does on our behalf and I know it’s very very important that we have a seat at the table and our voice is heard in the political arena.

    The Board of Directors meeting in DC will be interesting to say the least but unlike Jim Lee I am not too sure that this will pass.

    I do agree that we all have to take a deep breath and really think about this and about what could happen to our industry if it doesn’t get approved….

  22. Interesting points of view.

  23. Advance disclosure: I’ve been a Sterling “R” contributor to RPAC for 12 years now and I’m serving this year as a state RPAC Co-chair.

    I believe before anymore knee jerk, “Hell no, I’m against it” comments get posted, those opposed and anti-RPAC folks need to take an in-depth look at NAR and what it does for you in the national, state, and local political arenas.

    Just last year in New Hampshire, our RPAC Trustees (that’s the state group that decides who actually gets contributions) interviewed 50 candidates for our state senate. We elected 18 out of the 19 candidates we chose to support.

    Why? Because they were the most real estate and Realtor friendly candidates. Candidates that were willing to make a commitment to support homeownership, housing affordability.

    NAR does the same thing on the national level. They’re not necessarily Republicans, or Democrats, but rather candidates that are friendly to real estate issues, keeping homeownership affordable, keeping us in business selling houses.

    Last year the Supreme Court ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections. The immediate problem that creates for NAR’s lobbying arm is that our opponents can outspend us with political ads, support, and other avenues, and potentially defeat the candidates we choose to support.

    Currently 70% of RPAC funds go back to the state they came from to support local candidates and issues. WE, you, me, and our fellow Realtors, make the decisions about who to support and what to spend our money on.

    If this new initiative, which involves a $40 annual dues increase, passes, then 2/3rds of that money will return to your state for state and local elections, much as it does now.

    The NAR Directors, which again are our fellow Realtors, I’ve been one and I’m betting some of you have been too, will be making the decision about this dues increase. It will pass or it won’t but I’m betting it will pass.

    I read a few comments above that some might be more in support of RPAC and what it does if they only knew more about it. One simple way to find out would be to just go to and read some of the stuff they’ve done for you.

    One of the things we have done to educate the members about RPAC at our state level was to create an “RPAC kit” for each local board chair, full of literature about things RPAC has done for New Hampshire Realtors on the national, state, and local levels and asked them to disseminate that information to their board’s membership.

    And BTW, if you haven’t made your RPAC investment this year there’s still lots of time.

  24. Carol Anne Bennett says:

    Yes, I very much agree with those who feel that is not the correct thing to do to us, as a Realtor body, in this still seemingly difficult housing economy, and business economy in general. The lady above stating that now is not the time to put the “pinch on” us is absolutely and 100% correct.

    There are ‘good Realtors’ who have had to leave real estate due to such a difficult past economy…and with our Realtor community trying to get itself back on it’s feet, it seems like a ‘sucker punch’ to the belly !! We need time to get back to business as it was, and with that, I feel most of us are totally blind struck to even think that a mandated $40.00 hike in our dues, is being considered. Good grief,….”let us catch our breath” for heavens sake. I for one do not want this initiative to become reality !!

  25. John MacGilvary says:

    It’s a tough one.

    At the heart of it. Yes.

    But as we all know, the economic times are hard and this comes as a pretty significant blow especially since state and local dues increased this year and quite possibly could increase next year again. That will mean that REALTOR dues will be over $500 approaching $600 in some cases. That will be hard for many.

    But as for me we have to protect our industry and need all the support we can muster.

    However, the impact is much the same as a tax increase. NAR will loose members which could result in a net negative amount to work with as a result. They should make it optional.

  26. So does the Realtor Party support the ruling to allow corporations to fund the political races? I don’t agree with that.

  27. Marsha Foster says:

    I am against mandating the funding of any political agenda. One only has to look to the unions and the many union members who watch while their dues are used against their beliefs and wishes. If it is voluntary contribution, then it puts the power in the hands of many instead of a few.

  28. Hi Monika,

    Very nice post. I will just say one thing….and respectfully….I think you are politically active. And that is a good thing. You contribute to the Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC) and you have every right to make that decision. You are a voting director for NAR as a rep from your area, also a political action that you choose to take. Also a good thing. Not being political is my 35 year old friend who sits on the couch, plays video games and works at Blockbuster and can’t tell you who the VP of the United States is. That’s not politically involved. You, are political and I thank you for it and I thank you for volunteering your time to make our industry better.

    Putting bumper stickers on a car or signs in a yard is one aspect. I don’t do them either and I consider myself very political. I am involved heavily at the state and local level and thouroughly enjoy every minute of it. I like being involved and educated which is 99% of being political.

    Last year I was a major donor to RPAC because I chose to be. This year I have a decision to make…do I donate again or not. I’m still not sure although I am leaning towards not. They just give money to too many local candidates I whole heartedly disagree with. Does this mean I don’t believe in RPAC?? No, I 100% believe in the advocacy and anytime there is a “call to action” or I can help in any way I jump at the opportunity. Does it mean I can contribute financially when my money goes to someone I would never donate to in a million years? Also a no.

    There are many levels of political involvement that national, state and local association partake in. While I may not agree with contributions to candidates I do believe in making calls, spreading a message and staying involved and on top of things.

    Do I agree with a forced contribution? 100% NO! Not the way things should be done….if I have no say in who that money goes to then I should be be mandated to give it.

    Best of luck with you vote and glad you are taking the time to gather feedback.

    Mike Long
    Western Suburbs of Chicago

    PS-One last thing. The fact that you posted this article within 24 hours of this news being announced….political. Thanks again and be proud of being political and proud of your beliefs!!

  29. Christine Kramer says:

    I am absolutely against this initiative. Being able to contribute or not voluntarily is one thing, but requiring it is ridiculous. What NAR doesn’t seem to “get” is that regional issues are a huge factor in any effective lobbying effort. What is lobbied for Florida and California, in all likelihood, won’t benefit New England very much, if at all. I personally also feel that our dues are going up a lot in a lousy market — the time to put the pinch on us all is not now — it’s when business is better and we can afford to pay our dues without deciding if we’re going to do that or buy groceries!

    Enough already!

  30. Heyllo Monika, thanks for posting this…I had no idea whatsoever about this, which I think will be the case for the majority of our Realtors on a National level. I didn’t want to post on your blog or on your facebook page because, like yourself, I am probably the farthest from a political advocate as you’ll get. I don’t put up signs in my yard, or bumper stickers on my car, or broadcast my personal preference for a political party publicly in any way. In fact, I hate the whole political party idea as a whole. I like to focus on the issues and choose to address those individually. I’ve read your blog, as well as the three other blogs that you suggested, and am pretty much in shock that this is even a possibility. And am even more concerned that I think it will actually pass. I personally don’t contribute to RPAC. I choose to give my donation to IMF instead…focusing on the issues and not putting all of my eggs in one politician’s basket. There are issues that are extremely important to me and I will continue to vote for my candidates based on those particular issues no matter what. I will continue to vote for those issues and choose to donate my political dollars to support cadidates in favor of those issues, regardless of where they stand on some issues that may or may not directly affect my profession. I want my political donations to be my choice, should I choose to make the donations. My personal opinion is that if this does in fact pass you will hear more and more Realtors stating that they are only a Realtor for the MLS, and we all know that we already have enough of those. This could cheapen the Realtor label, the R, and Realtor pride…and I’m talking about within the Realtor membership. Education on RPAC and IMF is absolutely the answer. I prefer that Realtors focus on real estate, and leave the politics to the politicians. Its hard for me to swallow a “mandatory” political donation however it may be hidden in my dues. And forcing people to monitarily support a candidate they personally and morally despise is just plain wrong.

    Sorry for such a long response…I’m sure a simple “I don’t agree with it” would have been sufficient:)

    On another note, thank you for all that you do at NHAR for and NAR for me. I truly do appreciate all of your hard work!

  31. It will be interesting to watch this shake out. I am not opposed to supporting a REALTOR Political Party but like you think it should be voluntary.

  32. This is an outrageous move on NAR’s part! It’s nothing short of forced participation in RPAC, which is supposed to be a voluntary program. My individual NAR dues should NOT be a contribution to or endorsement of any political person so deemed by the NAR. I’m absolutely appalled at the very idea.

  33. I know it’s a pain but so is a few thousand spam comments. LOL I am waiting for Kevin… hope he shows up. 🙂

  34. I scrolled down to see what Kevin Tomlinson had to say!

    P.S. Why does CAPTCHA make it so difficult to leave a comment??


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